In public it's a simple smile, an innocent "hello" and idle chit chat - but behind closed doors it's getting reeeaaally naughty!

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What this 5 min movie. It’s a NeighborAffair sample. They have MUCH more in their mamber’s area. The only thing you have to do to get ALL their exclusive full-length movies is to join their site.

Check out this lovely babe who can’t wait fucking this dick! She wants to ride it so much! Check out how she tries to sit on it but her pussy is not yet wet enough… She spends one minute to get wet enough and then, viola – the cock is in… fully! She rides it until the guy can’t go anymore and sprays his sperm on her… They are neighbors…

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I screwed my neighbor


Can you imagine a nice ebony hottie moving next to your place. You think about her everyday, then, after a week of hard work, she comes to your place to finally say hi and you’re happy cause she has the spark in her eyes! She’s for you, nicely dressed and you feel the charming smell… that’s your new neighbor and you want to screw her before other males do! This is the fantasy that NeighborAffair is serving you! Every single week, every new neighbor is being banged! This hottie from next door, after plenty of pussy licking received from his new neighbor, will certaintly like their new environment…

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Licking neighbor’s pussy


New neighbors usually means nuissance or… a lot of fun! At NeighborAffair you will see a lot of neighbors having a lot of fun (read: screwing each other). This time it’s not an exception. See this horny busty neigbor getting to know a handsome guy from next door. She has a lot to offer! Nice sexy ass, attractive sexy clothes and huge boobs that would make every dick hard when fully exposed… Click the link and watch the whole story that lead to plenty of pussy licking fucking and a cumshot.

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NeighborAffair with Cindy Crawford


Sometimes when you hurry up you forget about important things you had to take and there is no other way to back for it. Cindy Crawford, in the rush she has been dressing up in, she accidentally forget about her keys and left them inside of the locked car… You know this pleasure well for sure, me too. Thisnk, what this blonde could do without her hubby? Yes, yes, you think well, she could go to her Neighbor for help! TheNeighborAffair.


Hot blonde teasing her neighbor

Of course, he got back her keys in minute. She was so grateful and happy that she can rest inside her home, not outside on the wet of morning’s rain grass, that she invited her neighbor inside, let him comfortable sit and the best tea she has. Of course, the aim of all was to end in bed but she couldn’t ask him for it officially, she couldn’t offer herself like a bitch


Young guy licking mature pussy

Girls have many different styles of teasing us. Sometimes you think that you’ve just picked up some chick and you are very proud when you fuck her and then tell about it to your best friends. But the truth is amazing different. In more than 90% cases it girls manipulate us as they want ;) Look how well Cindy knows these tricks ;)


Horny babe riding cock nasty

She has her face so damn innocence looking, when in reality she’s the nastiest here, that I just can’t not to smile ;) Oh babes, babes, how easy you have with us, poor guys ;) Ok! So what, wanna see the movie in good quality? It’s easier than anything, the only thing you have to do is to click once HERE TO SEE VIDEO.

Sex affair with neighbor


Oh shit. I don’t usual jerk myself writing about the movies, but this time I think I have to make it :D Wow, Kylie Wilde is one of my favorite The Neighbor Affair’s models from today! She has everything what I seek for in mature babe. Class, style, experience and mature beauty, the thing all teens can only dream about ;) And what drives me strongest on is that she’s still a single! Recently, but a single :D So guys, everyone of us has an opportunity to become one of her ‘fuck friends :D


Extreme hot beggining!


Let’s see her last sex action with one of the youngest neighbors she lives next to. She doesn’t even know his name, the only words they say to each other is kind ‘good day’ everyday morning. Now that will get up to know each other a little bit… deeper :D Doesn’t matter how exactly it happened that they met, we’re interested in what was when they started to play naughty. As you can see, it begins with her sitting on him. I can feel cool cock riding here :)


Fresh twat licking


But before it, he has to do what all of us would do with her – for sure! He licks her tight twat as if it was candy or sweet lollypop. I’d spend a little bit more time on it, but maybe it’s just easy to say, harder to do, cause he licks her only two minutes before he comes inside of her wet and well prepared pussy to feel the inner side of his pretty neighbor :D


Hardcore reversed cockriding


You have to agree that her body looks like a teen’s one! Amazing fit and slim, especially her sexy belly I’d leave my sticky cum on :D The Neighbor Affair will show you every smallest detail of her body, so no matter what you like most, you’ll get it in great quality. How they fuck with each other? Take a look at the last picture, exactly this way, in other positions of course too, but this one was most interesting for me ;) Extreme emotions guaranteed, come inside, don’t waste any minute more!

Fucking female neighbor


You try to be good fiancé and what comes for it? Your babe fuck some young fucker from neighborhood on your own kitchen’s table! Just because the car you’ve just bought her breaks down and you can’t free yourself form the job cause your Boss sucks. Damn bitches, they will go with any better dick to bed only if they are minimal horny. No matter that they have partners, are married or anything. But wait, isn’t it that why we love them so much? :D THE NEIGHBOR AFFAIR presents: Bitch Carly Parker!

Blonde sucking strong


Everything’s would be OK if it wouldn’t be the cock not of her fiancé. Look, naughty whore almost choke cause she took it too deep into her thirsty of cum throat. Maybe she was watching ‘Deep Throat’ in the morning? Or maybe she’s just hungry and this dick reminds her some sausage ;)

Neighbor licking her pussy


Because Jack is the men who showed up to save the day, she lets him do what she usual lets her boyfriend to do. But the difference between both of them is that the Jack had to wait more than a month to lick her tight butterfly she keeps in panties, this one has it after ten minutes of the garage work he literally loves.

Hot fucking in the kitchen


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Neighborhood Affair Porn


Remember: always pay attention and help to your neighbor, no matter what she wants from you, what she asks for. Why? Cause it can bring you results above all expectation. How? Let’s take this scene for as example. We have a nice mature babe Brooke Heaven and her young friend from neighborhood. She had moved into this house few days ago and decided to make something with her ugly looking garden. This is how the NEIGHBOR AFFAIR’s stories usual begin, you know how funny they always end :D

Busty mature babe seducing


You know that garden’s tools are usual very heavy and hard to use? They are. She shouldn’t take them into her tiny hands, she’s a delicate woman! But wait, she has a one nice young guy next door, so why shouldn’t she ask him for a little help? Billy, lovely boy, please come here for a while, I want you to help me in something honey!

Hot mommy getting horny


He just could say no, especially because he was so close to her first time, and he noticed that his new neighbor has beautiful big boobs! So he has done everything she asked with double power and in double speed. After all, she only told him to come here for another week, to trim her new hedges. And this is where this story really begins! Trimming was a cover to seduce him to come into her bedroom!

Sexy mommy getting fucked


For his sacrifice, now he’ll get the best possible reward, her tight body with every wholes including her deep throat and shiny ass. He will also eat her big breasts alive, lick her mature pussy and touch all over her large butt with love. Than they will fuck like rabbits, in every position and style you can imagine. All of this in one full length video, in amazing quality! SEE IT HERE – JOIN US NOW!

Rachelle Ryan Busty Neighbor


What a sensual date they had together! I feel I have to do the same with my babe tonight, perfectly in the same way, styles and positions :D This time THE NEIGHBOR AFFAIR will let you taste a delicious meat, fresh and always-ready-to-make-it Richelle Ryan! Hot like never before with her boobs even bigger than usual, I don’t know, maybe this wild kitten called her favorite doc again and they pack some more silicon into her bubbles :D Who knows, fuck it, most important is that she still doesn’t have any scares and her tits fly just cute :D


Just don’t think that it took a long time before he grabs her boobs and touches all her body. No, Richelle likes small conversation limited to the name and ‘how do you do’? :D But it’s not the same with the initiation game she loves to have long and sensual. I was really amazed when it turned out that this bitch-looking babe has so many warm and sensuality in her :D


Don’t worry guys, Richelle Ryan is gonna be a kind girl only for a minute, no longer! Then they fuck with each other like hubby and her wife, knowing all about the other’s dreams and desires. Maybe because they were in touch before we made this clip… Never mind, take a look on it and say that it’s bad :D


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Twat licking video


It seems that this is his b-day today! Two such gorgeous chicks at once? I wouldn’t ever say that he has any chances on one of them, no matter which one, both are crazy beautiful and smoking hot. Damn, maybe we all should move to the USA, guys seem to have a nice time there with their silly girlfriends who would do literally everything foe some extra bucks. One is sure. They are always good neighbors for each others! JOIN HERE!


Hot chicks talking about sex


Girl’s names are McKenzee & Micah. Micah is the darker haired girl with awesome face, her blonde mate is McKenzee, she has incredible hot butt. Tight like nothing before. Yet we have teen neighbors here first time ever, if I remember well? Ok, girl are getting this shit started. Look, now you know why we give a ‘Twat licking video’ to this movie?


Cuties sucking cock hardcore

Girls are both bi-sexual. It means that they like eat pussies and hard-on cock the same strong. But they know one important thing too. That no dildo, no fist or anything else can give them the same what the big and rock firm dick gives! Eat it babes, make it shine and wet before it comes inside of yours tight holes!


Babes sharing dick


And the face that this guy’s making is one of my favorite. Ha ha what a loser :D Fortunately these naughty bitches took the job into their hands cause I don’t really know if he’d know what to do with two brilliant twats in the same time. Girls helped him and let only enjoy this beautiful b-day’s time. GET INSIDE AND SEE REST OF THE NEIGHBOR AFFAIR cool videos and picture galleries!

TheNeighborAffair – Brandy Talore


I would never want to have a mommy like Brandy Talore. I’d go crazy very in short time. No, my friends eating her with her eyes I wouldn’t really mind, the same with older guys, or anyone, the real problem would be me myself :D Can you imagine jerking yourself thinking about your own mom? Yuck! But what the hell young poor son of such a kitty could do? Wear a blindfold in home? :D THE NEIGHBOR AFFAIR will throw you on your knees today!


This is Brandy Talore and her new neighbor, Seth. Unfortunately he reads naughty mature magazines and seen Brandy’s pictures there. They weren’t nude, but hot. So he needed to see more. And because she was living next door… He decided to go there and ask for autograph. It was to be a first step on long way in seducing her. How surprised he was when it turned out that she fucks with every better young man on first meeting :D


This is what she likes before penetration. Her boobs are so huge that you feel like in tight pussy drilling them. He almost ended between them but experienced Brandy knew when to make a break and cool him a little. After a minute long, he was ready to continue… Look:


I wanna cry when I see this clip, or these pictures! Damn how I’d want to pack my dear friend into such a pussy! She’s so breasted and fit at once, amazing! My best connection ;) Believe me that Seth will taste this fruit of pleasure on every possible way! SEE IT HERE!